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How Google motivates me to turn to alternatives

While I am an iPhone user, I am using quite a lot of Google’s products - Google Maps, Google Trips, Gmail for work email, Google Voice, and some other. While some of them I use with a personal account (maps, voice, trips), others - with work account (e.g., Gmail).

Although all of them are separate applications, they cannot be genuinely separate as all of them trying to share the same login. So, if I don’t want to use my private login in Gmail application and signing out from it, all other Gmail apps also signing out this account. That surely some marketing genius in Google decided to link all of them in such a way. Moreover, I think that is pretty new change - I used to have Gmail app only for work account, while Maps account not logged in at all. Also, I don’t like it. So, I’ve tried to find a way to keep my work and personal accounts separate. The issue with email was solved quickly - I’ve switched to So now, I am only logged in into my work account within iOS - mail, and contacts with standard applications.

For other Google apps, I am logged in with my private account. However, it looks there are no more ways to use Google Maps without login. If I am logging out from Google Maps, it keeps logging me out also from Trips, Voice, etc. It is pretty annoying as I don’t want google maps to track my location and link it with my account. The solution here came from Apple Maps. I’ve tried it after a couple of years of being sure that Apple Maps cannot be compared with GMaps and they are damn good! At least here - in the Bay Area. Also, UX of Apple Maps is more beautiful and easy to use.

So, thank you, Google marketers, you’ve pushed me into 2 more Apple products and lost me as your products’ user.