29 March 2014 by Volodymyr Hotsyk

40 days

Today is the memorial day here in Ukraine - in orthodox tradition it is 40th day from the day of death. 40 days ago a hundred of braves with wooden shields were killed by snipers in the centre of Kyiv. A lot of words were said, but surely, these days

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14 February 2014 by Volodymyr Hotsyk

Weekly link dump

Despite the original idea to write every day, sometimes it's hard to find out interesting topic. So, I will try to mix posts with some regular thinks which could be interesting, like the weekly link dumps. The Underground Economy of Dolores Park World's 14 best aviation museums More on Hiring

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11 February 2014 by Volodymyr Hotsyk

British Council vs Speakup

Yesterday I've finished my course at British Council and now have some data to compare my previous courses at SpeakUp and BC, at least from some points of view for now. The first point, I'd like to describe is the schedule. SpeakUp's main advantage is a free schedule. It was

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